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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Personally I feel I have the same responsibility to Redpepper as Polynerdist and would be there to support her the same way. That being said, I would still be respectful of bis right to care for her by himself if he wanted. I would take care of their child for instance and help that way. I wouldn't use his presence as an excuse to go riding my bike however. Giving primary partners of a v space is very important. This may seem as neglect by the hinge but it is probably a display of respect between the two ends of the v.
Mon, I'm gonna have to put you in time out if you keep trying to make me fall in love with you! We all know you don't swing that way!

Seriously though-I get exactly what you are saying. But when Maca is asking me if there is a reason why GG is "avoiding" me and "avoiding" being there for me, I don't think it's all in my head or a matter of "giving us space as primaries". You know?

I'm so.... well I don't even know the word!
I'm not "frustrated", I guess I'm depressed.
That's probably the best one word description and not ALL of that is GG. Not at all. A lot is just the "wait" of getting through this shit. I know it takes time, that doesn't alleviate the wait time you know?

I look outside and it's BEAUTIFUL. I wish I could grab the bike and go. Seriously-let all of them sit around here with the kids! Just go up the highway and fell the wind against my chest, (doesn't really hit the face with a full helmet).
But that kind of goes against the "no push, no pull no blah blah blah" rules.

"Love As Thou Wilt"
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