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To answer the general question, I think there is a resposibility in every relationship regardless of how the relationship is designated. I think the number 1 responsibility is communication. But this applies to everyone.

As to your specific situation...maybe he isn't less concerned, maybe he doesn't want to interfere in those moments you may be having with your husband? Maybe your husband is better equiped to deal with these specific problems and your bf isn't? Not everyone is emotionally or physically equipped for every emotional problem that comes up. You may find your bf will step up in another situation better than your husband.

Kind of the beauty of polyamory actually, we have a real opportunity to have people that can compliment each other. For example, our ex gf is very well equipped to help my wife with her health and physical health (thats a whole other story, lets just say, in this regard, my wife and I have difficulty in communicating haha) while I am better equipped to help her in dealing with .... (insert here) ...

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