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Originally Posted by Breathesgirl View Post
The time blocks is a good one.

Better yet, at least for dinner, have him shut the darned phone OFF! My 14 y/o's know that supper time is time with US, just us (me & them) & that no one is going to take that away from us unless there's an emergency. If there is an emergency those who know have our house number & will use it instead of cell phones.

You could also have a block of time, say a couple hours AFTER the two of you have reconnected after their time, for him to gush about her, talk about her, etc. before and after that is a no no.

Breathes-that is a GREAT idea! A "gushy time". It may feel uncomfortable right now OP, but if you DO find a bf, you will treasure that you put that in place believe me! There is something to be said about the NEED to tell your loved one how happy something made you. Like new parents-who tell EVERYONE about their little bundle of joy. In polyamory-so many people are still in the closet and CAN'T do that with anyone, so being able to do it when you come home is important.

I really treasure Maca's efforts to become comfortable letting me tell him how I feel or what I think after a "date" time with GG. In fact it's actually helped him because I tell him good or bad and he has found that in fact JUST LIKE WITH HIM there are good AND BAD moments.
I would advise considering if there are SPECIFIC things that are TOO much to hear RIGHT NOW-for example, if we have sex or make love, I don't lie to Maca, but I don't get into details. He asks if it was "fun" and I say yes. I can smile as big as I want-but he's not ready for specifics yet, might never be. That's ok! Being able to smile that big happy satisfied smile is enough. And when in turn that gets us all worked up-all the more better!!!
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