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I wonder about your use of "responsibility"... I never thought of it that way. For me, I am in a situation you described (or was - ha) and I think if I love or care for someone, supporting them in stressful times comes naturally and because I want to, not because I'm obliged in any way...
Ok, I really might cry. Yes-this is exactly how I feel and that is why I am hurting. Because to me, if one didn't feel inclined to make it a priority to be there it would mean that they simple do not love or care for the other person with the depth that I attribute to the love I THOUGHT I shared with him.

And yes-I too am in this situation, I am the hinge. My life has been a medical nightmare these last few months and at every corner My husband has been at my side even to the point of having to take time off of work (he does not get sick leave or vacation time etc, work=pay, not at work=no pay). But my bf, who lives with us, seems to feel that unless my husband isn't there, it's not important for him to be there.
Honestly-it leaves me feeling like our relationships is his lack of concern.
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