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Writing from Upstate NY!

Saturday night I didn't get to bed until very late, because A and I were messaging back and forth so much. We had a very blunt discussion about what I am expecting from a sexual relationship - and what he needs to do to get to that point with me. Meaning, lots of talk about STD testing, condoms, birth control and scheduling concerns. It was a very positive conversation, I think. He asked lots of questions and made sure he was clear on each point. He shared a lot of emotionally charged things with me, about himself, and I appreciated the vulnerability he showed. I felt good that he trusted me with some of the info.

Overall, two thumbs up!

I have yet to call the doctor and set up an appointment for my testing. I am going to make that a must-do today.

Talked to M a little bit last night, he hadn't done well at the Warma tournament and was a little down about it. I also talked to A as well, but he was very upbeat and silly. I am looking forward to seeing both of them when I get back. No contact from B at all, but not surprised.
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