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Default Responsibility of Thirds......

We have talked a lot about how mistreated thirds can be; especially when dealing with a pre-existing couple...

I'd like to hear thoughts on what the thirds RESPONSIBILITIES are to their own relationship.
This assuming a V, not a triad though some details may fit both.

The topic on my mind is as follows:

A couple exists. Each person in it (in my opinion) is responsible to be there for the other during times of great stress and or great celebration.

Enter a bf or gf to ONE of those people. Presuming this is NOT a secondary relationship but that the bf/gf is a second PRIMARY to one of the parties that makes up the original couple;
do they have a responsibility to be there for their SO during times of great stress or great celebration,


do they only have a responsibility to be there when the OSO is unavailable?

Color me perplexed.......
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