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Meh, not that engaged in what scientists are working on. Just keeping an eye on it. And yes, it's all about funding, unfortunately, and no, poly isn't mainstream; I'm well aware.

I'll note that I didn't keep my marital vows, in that I eventually proposed to change the rules. Going back to the day of the wedding, I made the vows it didn't occur to me that I'd ever want to abandon (let alone that I'd ever want to leave the church). Between 1995 and 2005 I found my world tipped upside down and shaken out. Still cleaning up that mess.

Nothing is simple, much less anything about poly. But I did find my own stash of unlimited birth control: a vasectomy.

But, that's me. I'm not about to engage on a quest to get the whole world to take up my cross. Participating on a poly board seems to be an adequate substitute for that, AFAIAC.

But yeah, someday they'll do more poly-inclusive research, I'm happy to believe and say. Probably not while I'm alive, but.
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