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Poly isn't mainstream. It's not even on the radar of the scientists because they won't get funding for that kind of research.

There is a politics game to play that has to cater to the mainstream political fabric or it won't get funded.

I understand you want to promote your own POV, but that has to be congruent with the mainstream to get traction.

Ie, Poly can reduce the welfare state, or national security, or federal income, or save the children, until you can convince people it is as normal as GLBT or interracial marriage.

However, I'm not sure how you can do that. Maybe a second sexual revolution has to occur:
1) Unlimited birth control (good luck with that!)
2) Sex isn't cheating. Love isn't cheating. Breaking your commitments and promises is cheating.
3) Don't promise to be faithful in marriage.
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