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Originally Posted by KatTails View Post
I guess I feel that as the wife, I shouldn't have to hear about her all the time.
This sentence caught my eye, particularly the word that I underlined and turned red.

Yes, you do have a right to not hear about her ALL of the time.
But I sense that ALL is probably a generalization and exaggeration here, something I often got from Maca.

I suggest setting a specific limitation instead of expecting her to not contact him at all "during your time" (I loathe the "my time, her time" concept, but for this example it will do tolerably)
For example,
Identify "personal time as NO TEXT/PHONE/etc barring emergencies."

After 10pm is personal time whether he is with you or her overnight. (for Maca and I this one is the case)


Dinner time is personal time. (he could shut off the cell as she/you wouldn't necessarily know the exact time)


BEFORE a certain AM time is personal time. (GG and I have this until 10am)


Instead of trying to mark out the time he's with you as ONLY for you, mark out TIMES that are personal time for only the two of you (and/or the two of you and your kids).
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