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Feeling like Chris Hansen form Dateline or whatever the program is.

Deleted my OKC profile, to avoid the message from Kip, and set up a new one last night.

When I went online this afternoon there was another message from Kip, very similar to the last and a lovely email from Prof!

Prof liked my responses on the open relationships questions and would I like to meet for a glass of wine, stroll and chat? It was a very good first email, obviously read my profile and had a think about it.

I am going insane, he told me 2 weeks ago he and S agreed he would shut down meeting new people, no new dates. While they could have have renegotiated this, it is highly unlikely as she was in hospital!

On a different note, how could they both not realize it is me? My new user name is very similar to the old, I haven't changed my physical descriptions or likes that much. It's not like I live in a huge city. Come on stoopids.

Prof gets a chance to explain that he is dating again, that he is not cheating on S or lying to me.

My brain is fried.

My only conclusion so far is, my picker is really broken.

Next question, both ( probably) of these men are cheating on 1)wife 2) very ill primary partner.

Do I keep out of it? I do not have any kind of relationship with either of the women.

I had a very brief IM chat with Kip this morning. He was asking about the swing in January. I couldn't stomach it.
Me: mid 40s female.
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