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Greetings catinthehat,
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What BigGuy said. Also, look into things like Viagara and oral sex (with both you and Him as both givers and receivers) if you haven't done so already. And I can testify that "the big head can't always rule the little head." There may very much be a desire there on his part, but his body isn't cooperating. As you said that's no one's fault and NRE may be part of what's going on.

Speaking of which, do you and he spend much non-sexual romantic time together? dates between just the two of you? etc. ... away from the cares of the world. I often find that the established couple takes their relationship for granted and doesn't nurture it with "newness" of their own.

And there is (poly-friendly) counseling (and sex counseling) to consider. Hope some of this helps ...

Kevin T., "official greeter"


There's a *lot* of good info in Golden Nuggets. Have a look!

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