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Re (from Magdlyn):
"Of course, Kevin, putting one's faith in the ridiculous Book of Mormon (gold plates in a top hat, my ass), written much more recently, is even more silly. "
Indeed it is. The Book of Mormon (as has the Pearl of Great Price) has been shown to be obviously in error (sometimes even offensive) on many levels. And the Mormon church bids its members to put their faith in that 2000+ year old book called the Bible as well. But the friends/family I spoke of really don't put their faith in either. They realize the Scriptures are Earthly books written by Earthly mortals (yay confidence men even), without the divine inspiration necessary to make said books literally -- even figuratively -- correct. It is in fact this insistence that the books are literally (and figuratively) correct that is one of the things my said friends/family hope to help reform in the church. Their hope is that someday people will sort of cherry pick from the Scriptures and turn only to those occasional verses that are well-spoken and useful in life.

All of this of course is strictly their quest. I respect it but I wouldn't engage in it personally. It's enough for me to know that most churchmemebers will probably realize their errors in some future generation, and that my efforts to speed that process along wouldn't hasten things much or at all, certainly not enough to make up for the psychological damage, church-wrought exploitation, and damage to my reputation. I don't want to be known as a church supporter, even as a reformer. So, I'm content to watch other people's efforts from my seat in the sidelines.

Re (from Garriguette):
"I find happiness and meaning in gathering together to talk about spirituality and ethics, in singing together, in sharing joys and concerns with each other, and in reading and talking about texts, biblical or not. And when I experimented with not going to church in college, I missed it. There aren't a lot of secular institutions that offer that kind of fellowship yet."
... and:
"I think there's some value in being able to say, 'I'm okay; you don't need to worry' in language that other people will understand. And for some people in my life, that language is going to be theological."
I think my friends/family feel likewise. They're actually largely atheist/humanist. But, they've family of their own who'd be badly hurt if they quit the church, which they're willing to help stave off. I guess they're more compliant/diplomatic than myself.

Re: the book that is the topic of this thread ... sounds like a good book to me.
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