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Originally Posted by tachycardia View Post
Thanks. But it seems lots of trans people don't feel the same way. Trans women talk about how they were relieved at loss of erections on hormone therapy. I would not be relieved. And to me the idea of cutting off my balls, splitting open my dick, and inverting it into my body sounds horrific. These are among several reasons I think I might not be trans. Keeping a tally of trans and not-trans thoughts and feelings doesn't really get me anywhere though.
I might catch hell for this opinion, but I don't think you have to permanently choose one way or another. When you "feel" trans then you're trans. When you don't feel trans, then you're not trans. Unless you feel a strong desire to find a permanent identity and label and "settle the issue" then you would likely be happier not to stress over it. Or, you could settle on "gender-fluid" and let that be your identity.

A lot of trans people who struggle for recognition might get mad at that, since it could give fuel to skeptics who say it's just a phase. But I'm not saying that it's fluid for everyone, I'm saying it could be for you.

These same people usually get upset at people who identify as gender-fluid. But the reality is, no one gets to dictate the label for someone else. Just because one person identifies as trans and knows that it's never going to change for them, doesn't give them the right to deny that for other people, it can change.
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