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The interesting thing about it being a "popularity" contest is that we don't know each other. If someone becomes "popular" it's really just a recognition that they are considered well-spoken and knowledgeable by many people.

IOW some people have very little experience with actual poly relationships, but that doesn't stop them from giving tons of advice as though they actually know what they're talking about. Other people have been in successful, long-term poly relationships for years, and IMO that makes them more of an authority on the topic.

I also agree that "like" and "dislike" would be appropriate. Although, in the case of "dislike" I think it's more important to say why. If I 100% agree with someone, I can say "I agree, and here's why" but there's a good chance it's just going to be a repetition of what they already said. But if I disagree, it could be for any number of reasons, and I think it's more important to elaborate.
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