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I understand why you wanted to "Come Out". It can be hard to keep something, that you feel is a part of you, all bottled up inside. The ones who don't understand you and are giving you a hard time probably just don't feel it is a lifestyle for them. So they don't know how to react to your situation.

Maybe some day they will come around and accept it... then again, maybe not. Whatever happens, know that you are true to yourself and try to understand that they just have a different perspective on life. It's ok to be who you are. Just don't forget to let them be who they are. If it bothers them too much, try not to flaunt it in front of them. We can all live with acceptance and understanding if we just respect and acknowledge that we are all different in many ways.

Take care and good luck with your situation! If you ever want to talk about it, feel free to message me.
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