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Originally Posted by tachycardia View Post
Transwomen talk about how they were relieved at loss of erections on hormone therapy. I would not be relieved.
Some transwomen are anti-sex. Hormone therapy does not cause loss of erections/herections. (I know this to be a fact. ) Sometimes transwomen eventually come to terms with this erect "clit" after a period of aversion. Sometimes they don't. Each "queer" person is an individual, after all.

And to me the idea of cutting off my balls, splitting open my dick, and inverting it into my body sounds horrific.
So, you're "non op." You can be trans and still not want surgery.

These are among several reasons I think I might not be trans. Keeping a tally of trans and not-trans thoughts and feelings doesn't really get me anywhere though.
Well, you're in the very early stages of transition. You don't *have* to choose a side, now or ever.
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