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Originally Posted by Garriguette View Post
Althaus-Reid is dead. She doesn't want anything. But when she was alive, she wanted to reform the church to better suit it to the lives of people it purported to represent.

I respect that decision as much as I respect the decision of people who would prefer not to have anything to do with an institution that they see as broken and/or unnecessary.
I didn't ask why Althaus-Reid was Christian/Catholic. I asked why you were.

Originally Posted by Garriguette View Post
I hear you, Kevin.

My reasons for wanting to stay and change things are selfish, though. My parents are both retired ministers (well, my mom is only semi-retired). If at some point Xicot decides that he wants to be out, at least as far as family is concerned, and we're still together, I want to be able to direct my parents to some resources that will help them make some sense of poly, and theology is one of their lenses for understanding the world.
But, your mother is a "minister," which means she isn't Catholic. Why would Catholic theology about "liberation" (from.... something, but not from the Catholic Church) or "indecency" have any affect on her making sense of polyamory?

Personally, I would just question why anyone puts their faith in a 2000+ year old book to such a large extent. I saw through it when I was 12. Only my brainwashed fear of actual eternal hellfire kept me going to church, and praying for my soul, on and off til I was 16, then I was done.

Of course, Kevin, putting one's faith in the ridiculous Book of Mormon (gold plates in a top hat, my ass), written much more recently, is even more silly.
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