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Have internet again.

Thursday went to my first public play party with SB, KB, NT, and SP. Learned a few things. A public play party at a strip club has too much going on for me to enjoy myself. Play, strippers, an annoying MC... just too much.

Ended up getting somewhat grounded when we walked away from the play area (just to get away from part of the overflow). Also felt that I would probably be okay having service to think on when there but would be unable to play.

Friday I was supposed to perform but my orthopedist decided I needed my first cortisone shot in each knee. So instead Woodsmith and I went to the munch that night. Got to see a lot of people.

Picked out a sectional that Woodsmith's parents are going to get and then KB and NT came over to see the place and meet the new kittens (Kisses and Marilynn).

Tomorrow Woodsmith and I are going over to hang out with SB, KB, NT, and SP and watch American Horror Story.

Hoping to get another date in with SB before the holidays and talk about the negotiations on establishing our power exchange aspect of the relationship. And maybe all of us figure out when we want to exchange Christmas presents.
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