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Originally Posted by YouAreHere View Post
I think it cuts down on the "me too" posts if you have nothing else to add. Maybe call it "Agree" if you can change the wording?

I still bristle at "me too" posts, but that's just a vestige of how much I used to be on USENET back in the day.
The code I use on my other board is adaptable and can be changed to "Agree/Disagree" or whatever... AND/OR it can be limited to JUST "Like" (or "Agree" or whatever) or JUST "Dislike" (or "Disagree" or whatever).

ETA: the code could even be adapted to have a "Like" and an "Agree" if one wanted to... because the "Dislike" side is not limited to negative connotations. The code could have two separate positive options. Again, though... that code was written specifically for the other forum. It's likely that a completely different code would have to be used here.

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