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Originally Posted by scarletzinnia View Post
I would recommend getting your testosterone levels checked. And even if your doctor says you're fine, find out your levels and do some research, since sometimes, what a lab says is within the normal range is not ideal for a particular individual.
I did have them checked when I was interested in possible physiological causes of depression. My level was in the lower end of the range, but not abnormal. (Turns out my vitamin D level was abnormally low, though.) I did not think SZ's comment was irrelevant. Apparently lack of variety in sexual partners actually causes low testosterone, so I wouldn't be surprised. Although, in that case, you would think it would have gone up after opening my marriage.

Originally Posted by Garriguette View Post
Originally Posted by tachycardia
I don't feel like I have the wrong genitalia; I feel like I've had the wrong childhood in the wrong society.

That is so beautifully stated.
Thanks. But it seems lots of trans people don't feel the same way. Trans women talk about how they were relieved at loss of erections on hormone therapy. I would not be relieved. And to me the idea of cutting off my balls, splitting open my dick, and inverting it into my body sounds horrific. These are among several reasons I think I might not be trans. Keeping a tally of trans and not-trans thoughts and feelings doesn't really get me anywhere though.
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