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Hey Schroedinger-
Also a lot of Alaska Natives are actually from Russian descent. There was a LOT of cross over when the ice was still all of the way across.
Also-Big Diomede and Little Diomede islands; one is Russian and one is US/Alaskan. But there are families that are split between the two-because they are right next to each other.

I also laugh over the African American label because in SO MANY CASES they aren't from Africa (as in the case of several of my friends).
But-I get that in many cases they are.

I also very much agree that too often using race as a label results in overgeneralizations about the group as a whole (which doesn't REALLY exist) when in fact it's only about a small portion of people within the group.

In fact, I was explaining that to someone just last night regarding "poly's"> They had quite a few generalizations about "polys" that they believed. Then, coming to the board, got totally different reactions than they expected and were offended by how all poly's could believe xyz but say/do qrs. I reminded them that there is no such a thing as "all poly's" because we are all different individuals and different ones of us have different things in common, but there isn't a lot of commonalities that we ALL share.
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