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I don't agree that all humans are hard-wired for the ability to be polyamorous. I don't think there is any trait at all that all humans are hard-wired for. And humans are not alone in this. Virtually all animals have different regional traits. Many of these are passed on genetically, but many are taught between generations.

I'm reminded of a recent study of crows. They can learn human faces, and they remember whether they like you or not, and they can even teach other crows whether to like you or not. So if you ever piss of one crow, and then you get this funny feeling that all the crows are after you... you're probably right.

The human brain is a fascinating organ. Many things become hard-wired during the early years. Now, if you mean "genetically coded" then that's a different conversation. But synapses, once formed, are not readily broken. Most of human personality development occurs as hard-wiring of the brain.

Originally Posted by Spock View Post
t's pretty difficult to unlearn decades of enculturation. You are pretty 'hard wired' for English if that was the only language you've learned for 30 years.
This is a brilliant analogy. If English is the first and only language you learn for most of your life, then you'll always be an English speaker on some level. You could move to France and learn French and never speak to another English person, but it will take years and years before you think in French, if you ever get there at all.

Even our ear anatomy gets caught up in this game. As a young child (up until about 5-7), your inner ear shape grows to pick up the sounds used in your primary languages. If you miss that window, there will always be language sounds that your ear literally cannot distinguish. That, for example, is why Chinese speakers have trouble with "R" and why I will never hear the subtle differences between Khoisan clicks. In other words, your ear becomes hard-wired for your language.
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