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In reply to Magdlyn:

Althaus-Reid uses the word "indecent" to refer to the many people who don't fit into the fairly narrow categories of sexuality that the church has termed "decent" (either celibacy or monogamous heterosexual marriage)-- herself included-- and she doesn't mean it as an insult.

She is trying to point out that liberation theologians, while helping poor people in Latin America organize in resistance to political and social repression, didn't see the church's own strictly defined categories of "decent" sexuality as part of the problem, because those categories, too, are repressive and at odds with the goal of liberation.

So she wants to point out that the church needs to learn something from the people it has termed "indecent"-- people who are gay, lesbian, bi, trans; people who love non-monogamously; people who practice kink-- about what it means to live and love in a liberatory, honest, unpossessive, intentional way.
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