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March has been a very stressful and not very fun month for me. My relationship is over, I am living on my brothers couch but I am happier than i have been in months. I didn't realise how abusive the relationship I was in was. I couldn't see the subtle abuse that was taking place each and every day in that house.

This experience has not soured me on polyamory though, as it was not a truly poly relationship. It was a "relationship" that was based on meeting S's needs and wants first, then M's and if mine met some arbitrary criteria, then my needs could be met too, but only if i was a good girl. I am so happy to be out of that house and that emotional mire. I am excited about poly still. In fact I was the first one in that relationship to want to create a poly relationship and i still want to but i want a healthy one and one that is open and honest.

Thanks for everyone's support in a very difficult time for me and i will be lurking around the forum and putting my 2 cents in from time to time.
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