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Thanks NYC.
I am not sure how to approach the actual break-up. Part of me wants to meet in person, one part just drop all communication and disappear, one part continue but emotionally disconnect. The professional side of me wants to sit down and discuss the need for lying, the me side of me wants to avoid the tough questions.
I am not terribly upset or broken hearted, but shocked and surprised more than anything.
I want to ask why he tells me all sorts of other things but couldn't tell me about dating? Even say he is dating but doesn't want to discuss it. I would be fine with that and more to the point he knows I would be fine with that, so why the need to deceive? It makes no sense, we are setting up a swing for the New Year, where does he get the idea that I am not ok with him dating?

I will have to tell Prof and go back to using condoms until I can get tested. That is the part I am least looking forward too. I have inadvertently put him and S at risk. An STD health issue is the last thing S needs. She was in hospital over the weekend.
I would like to say I am fairly sure he used condoms, he did with me in the beginning, some of the emails contained info about condoms and "blood work".

Ironic...Prof and I were discussing relationships on Weds and what being in a relationship means. Prof considers him and I to be in a relationship and questioned if I considered myself to be in a relationship with Kip. I said "of course", Kip has been there for me during some tough times recently and is a great support. Which is true, just need to add the fact that he is lying and cheating too.

I haven't had any contact with him since the messages about the phone, which completely died, so no more snooping for me.

Don't know how to handle it just yet. We are supposed to meet on Tuesday. I need more time.
Me: mid 40s female.

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