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Originally Posted by Derbylicious View Post
Ok, being the woman in question here I want to assure you that my marriage has well established agreements. My husband happens to be away for work quite freqently. Right now he is away and has met someone there who will be eventually be moving to the same city we live in. So they are able to develop their relationship pretty much free of restrictions whereas RP and myself are struggling to find time to spend with each other because I have to find sitters ect to get out of the house. I hope that clears up some of your concerns.


Well I have to admit that I am jealous! One of the ladies on my derby league just got a new girlfriend and now you two! But I am happy for you, all 3 (or 4, I don't know the other GF yet). I wish I had a girlfriend. I wish I had time to go find one! I don't even have kids and I still can't seem to fit in a social life. I guess I might have to give up sleeping.

Why don't you just have RP visit you at your house until things are less hectic?
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