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Hi and welcome. It's so funny that your username is QueenTonberry - we have a member here who goes by Tonberry. I always thought it was an unusual username, but now you have me wondering if there actually is a thing called a tonberry - off to google that I go!

Regarding your statement about looking for a unicorn - there is a reason that the term is used in poly circles. It means that what you seek is actually impossible and unrealistic, so you might want to rethink that approach. If you do a search of the forum (click on the Search link at top - used Advanced Search or Tag Search for better results), you will find many heated discussions about "unicorn hunters." Basically, you don't want to be called that - and some of the discussions you find might really turn you off to this forum but be aware that it isn't just at this site that people use it in a derogatory sense. Most online poly forums I've visited tend to be critical of unicorn hunters - so it's probably best to start educating yourselves about that right away.

Read around and ask questions!
The world opens up... when you do.

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