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Just got home from the 80s party. Had a fantastic time. D's chorale practice was cancelled, so last minute he came along. I wasn't sure if we was actually going to go, because he usually stays home from parties, but my friends have an arcade. Lol So, he went.

I met some cool new people. My friend who was hosting the party actually didn't know I was poly, but everyone else did so it kinda came out. It was a topic for a short while, and then became a joke. Well, lots of things did as the night went on, so it was just good fun.

About an hour ago, A messaged me and I sent him a pic of me in my costume/getup as requested. He is really a great guy. He certainly makes me feel desirable, and desired. That's one thing that none of my guys are able to do for me right now from afar - only when I am with them in person. A just has a way of making me feel connected to him, and that I have his attention, and that he wants me. In everything he sends, he exudes enthusiasm over talking to me. With B, well, he hardly contacts me. D does, but mostly it's mundane household stuff. M usually makes me feel like I am bothering him - even if I'm not. But A - he is involved and enthusiastic and it makes me feel good.

We have another date set up - the Sunday before Christmas. Neither of us have time before then, unfortunately. That's ok though. I find this process interesting. Still no huge bolt of lightening to the crotch, but I am liking the build up.

OMG I am exhausted.
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