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Default Had enough of been single

Hi there

I'm seeking a relationship I have never had any experience of what I'm wanting although I'm not wanting to just sleep with sucessions of people and all dateing sites seem a little vulgar I don't want to be a swinger nor do I want to sleep about I want to connect not just sexually with mentally and emotionally in a beautiful 3 person relationship it's somthing I have never done but REALLY want to I believe this is why my other relationships have not worked I'm a little afraid of sound utterly silly with this post but I don't know where else to find wat I long I'm a British girl I'm normal body type long blonde hair quite pretty but not a goddess or anything I have a picture on my profile I'm arty quite I do not like clubbing although I smoke and drink I do not do drugs I'm laid back honest and really nice person I'm very loving and kind , I'm wanting two people men I want a equal relationship between us all nobody been anymore significant than the next I want to completely share everything in my life but I want to be true and faithful to the 2 men I'm NOT a swinger I don't just want sex I want love is there anyone out there ? If I am not what you are looking for do you know where I could find this kind of relationship
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