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I'm currently in a monogamous relationship, but if I were in a poly one, I'd answer as appropriate to the relationship as possible while still being polite and using language appropriate for where and by whom the question was asked. My feelings on questions is: If people don't want the truth, they shouldn't ask the question".

So... if the question was (Q), and the reality of the situation was (R) and the location/situation/person asking was (LSP),, then the answer would be (A), as follows:

Q: "Do you have a Girlfriend?" or "Are you dating?" or "Are you seeing anyone?"
R: One or more girlfriends
LSP: pretty much anywhere/anyone
A: "Yes" (if I have more than one, then I have at least one, so "yes" fits that question)

Q: "Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?"
R: One or more girlfriends (but no boyfriends, because I'm straight)
LSP: pretty much anywhere/anyone
A: "Yes, I have {"a", or accurate number} girlfriend(s)"

Q: "So, do ya have any fun plans for the weekend?"
R: No plans, just hang around the house
LSP: pretty much anywhere/anyone
A: "Nope, just going to hang around the house"

R: Plans with one girlfriend, but nothing above being "PG-Rated"
LSP: pretty much anywhere/anyone
A: "I'm {doing whatever} with {girlfriend's name that I'll be with}"

R Plans with one girlfriend at a resort, definitely involving stuff kids shouldn't know about
LSP: Someone close to me that can handle the situation, reasonably private, no kids around
A: "{girlfriend} and I are going to {resort name} and fuck like bunnies!"
LSP: co-worker, at work, others within earshot OR not really close person, public place, kids possibly within earshot
A: "My girlfriend and I have plans, yes."

R: Plans with more than one girlfriend ("PG-Rated")
LSP: any close friend(s) that already know(s) I have more than one girlfriend
A: "My girlfriends and I are {whatever}"
LSP: anyone that doesn't already know I have more than one girlfriend
A: A close group of us is/are {whatever}

R: Plans with more than one girlfriend ("R-Rated" or above ) that could or does include any boyfriends or girlfriends that they might have (like a weekend love fest getaway, where anything could and might happen)
LSP: anyone that I think can handle the whole, unvarnished truth, private enough that no one that shouldn't hear can.
A: "My girlfriends and I, and any of their girlfriends or boyfriends that can attend, will be having a group "sex getaway" among lovers."
LSP: My parent's preacher that stopped by while I happened to be visiting them
A: "A group of us are going on a retreat."

Q: What to put on a form?
A: whatever applies... even if more than one apply (example: if married and have an S/O, and both of those were options, then I'd check them both... if they asked, I'd clarify with "I'm married and I have an S/O"). If they don't like it... tough.

Everything is about context, and appropriate venue for the language... but it's also about truth.
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