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Lies, lies, lies

I saw Kip yesterday morning. He dropped his phone on the street outside my place and someone called his wife and took it and dropped it off at the library.
Long story short, screen was broken, Kip said he didn't want it and I could pick it up and let the kids use it for angry birds.
I bring it home, turn it on and up pops his OKC page.
Next the yahoo mail page.
He has been a busy busy boy.
We have discussed this many many times. He is not meeting people, he is not hooking up, he does not have an OCK or POF profile.( single ) I was the one who actually suggested OKC to him a while ago. He did not like me seeing Yo or Prof because they had multiple partners, STD risk is too high. Prof was OKed again as he has shut down outside dating due to S.
There were hotel receipts, lucky ladies, no laundry! Addresses, meeting times and places, thank you for the great fuck messages.
Wow. So many lies over so much time. Dude should delete his mail more regularly and password protect his phone. Idiot.
So now what? What is my problem with this?
No problem with the web cam chats, pic exchanges and meets. No problem with having other sex partners. Big problem with the hypocrisy over multiple sex partners, big problem with the lies.
He had another big share yesterday, including no other sex partners but me and the wife since he met me. So the lie was as recent as yesterday.
We have been fluid bonded for nearly a year.
Options as I see them at this point.
Pretend I never read the mail carry on as if I know nothing.
Ask him about it directly.
Ask him about him indirectly.
Re-institute condoms without saying why.
Re-institute condoms with discussion.
Ignore him.

He wants to be "kept in the loop" about my dating but doing all this behind my back? I really don't understand the need to lie. I just don't. Wanted to know about my date and sex with Prof on Wednesday. He had a nice fuck last week, why not share those details?

Please feel free to comment if you have any thoughts. I was contemplating putting this on the boards but stuck it here instead.
Me: 40s female
Prof: 50s male.
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