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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post

We can go to the moon, split atoms, engineer genes and we STILL are dumbfounded by birth control. And overpopulation is maybe the biggest threat to our survival as a species.

Something's wrong with this picture, eh ?

Me - I've come to the conclusion that MALES should all be sterilized at birth with a reversible method. (A nice little shut-off valve).
Permission to reverse that valve should ONLY be granted after said male has been tested and proved competent to assume the role of Fatherhood and has been approved by the consenting female partner.

I may never live to see it though. Our R/D efforts (and funding) are too tightly wound up in creating new plastic toys to amuse societie's mindless drones.

OOOOOps ! I'm in a mood this morning - ain't I !

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