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Moving too fast?

We have only known Dom for 3 weeks and have really strongly connected with him. (We've only slept with him 3 times counting Red and his solo flight.) He has helped us clean up the yard and throw a bunch of stuff into the big dumpster we rented so I've seen a fair bit of him in the last couple days. He is not really happy about his current room mate and we are thinking of having him move in with us.

I do have some mixed feelings on this. It would be great to see more of him. On the other hand, he is really dominant (read pushy in this context) and I wonder how we will get along when we are seeing him on a day to day basis. He is about midway on the swinging / poly spectrum and has other lovers so a fair number of evenings Red and I will be on our own. I do think that Red and he have connected more strongly than me and him. (Not a surprise in a poly relationship of course.) Red wants this to happen. And I... do too...

It seems that things are moving fast. That is not unusual for me. I've gone from friends --> lovers --> deep relationship very quickly before. Tho this is the first time I've hit roommates so quickly.

Red was referring to him as her other husband and I'm told that he is thinking of her as a wife. This is all in that joking way that people use when they are really serious.

Red and I have talked about this a lot in the last couple days and I sense that this will go forward within the week. I'll see how it goes. If he really gets on my nerves we can always ask him to move out again. After all, it is not like it is a REAL commitment...

Reading over the last couple paragraphs, I sound more ambivalent than I really am. I do want to try this but I do have a bit of worry deep down - is this wise? Not that the heart and New Relationship Energy (NRE) is known for being wise.

We are going to a BDSM / swinger's party tonight with him. I'm not looking for new and exciting sexual relationships right now - my life feels exciting enough. So I am mainly looking for some SM play.

My life is WAY more interesting than it was 2.5 months ago. 8-o

Warm regards, Rick.
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