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N will not gave sex with people who would put us at risk. When my friend who he's had sex with in the past got herpes (they hadn't been together in several months and she knew.the source of her exposure) she was really upset about it. I don't think ahe wanted to be with him, but it was the principle of.the matter as she had found that most guys found that to be breaker.

N fooled around with another friend of ours, she's kind of angsty and I know that she wants more than what he could emotionally provide her. I feel for her and don't want her feeling like she's being used for sex. I told him I didn't think having sex with her would be a good idea but ultimately its up to him. Shes very emotionally fragile esp with her one partner now being a long haul trucker, the other one moving soon and more just sexual and a husband who is pretty much just a roommate.
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