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We talked about it quite a bit last night. What rang the most true was the idea that R was a convenient scapegoat for all the other pressures in her life. There were multiple external causes. Pretty sure that was it because she got an aha look and immediately after that asked me about R. I told her everything... I told her that I'd talked to my stylist, Ashlee, when I got my haircut Wednesday. Ashlee asked me, "Is R prettier than A?" I said no. Ashlee then said, "A doesn't have anything to worry about then." A was somewhat comforted by the anecdote and chill about R. We spent about five or more hours holding each other. A couple hours cuddling and talking. More hours even closer. I can't get enough of touching her. If we're together we are at least holding hands and it always feels like the first time. A spark. We talked about that too. How it feels to touch each other. Our bodies each warmed and excited, talking to each other skin to skin. A deeper wordless communication. Our bodies seem to have a lot to say and it quiets the mind while they talk. Quiets the mind. She had to go but left me in bliss. Thirteen hours later and still in bliss.
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