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Yes you can veto individual things, processes, relationship structures, but in the end, those are boundaries, maybe even negotiable. A Veto is a destroyer of all things good. No more contact, no more love, you are D listed.

This didn't make total sense to me, Ariakas. I have both vetoed once, and been vetoed. In the case where I was doing the vetoing, I made it clear to my partner that I would not be OK with him proceeding with a sexual relationship with his potential love interest and friend, because of some safety issues that were specific to this particular woman. I was fine with them remaining platonic friends and continuing to spend time together. The other woman didn't want that though.

I was vetoed by a jealous metamour too as a romantic/sexual partner, but she did not interfere with us (that I know of, anyway) continuing to be in touch and spending occasional time together, platonically, for almost a year after the veto.

Were these not veto situations? I thought they were.
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