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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
See, I think the whole NRE excuse is pure bullshit. Yeah, I know what it's like to be totally enamored of someone, but crying "it's NRE!" as a way to excuse behavior makes me question someone's maturity and intelligence. Just because a person is turned on by someone they just met and is allowing themselves to walk around in a cloud of euphoria doesn't mean they are automatically absolved of all responsibilities in other areas of their life. I just never understand the emphasis many polyfolk seem to place on NRE, NRE, NRE.
Dittos.. many many times ditto..

We are adults. Our hormonal making shit decisions stage is long past us. NRE is a lame excuse to make bad decisions. Usually the people I see claiming NRE affected them the most, also have the poorest relationship skills.

My grouping and I discuss veto as a high level topic. Most of us disagree on its meaning. My wife and I agree on what it means, because we have had it happen.

Its a vote off the island, you are eliminated destroyer of relationships outside of your control. Usually a metamour coming in with excalibur and lopping off the head.

Yes you can veto individual things, processes, relationship structures, but in the end, those are boundaries, maybe even negotiable. A Veto is a destroyer of all things good. No more contact, no more love, you are D listed.
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