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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
[quickly swallows naughty dab of vomit] Sometimes I think you have to be some kind of super-achiever (or have super-powers at least) to accomplish both (kids and poly). That and/or, the idea of grouping two sets of kids together so that one (or two) adult(s) can babysit them all while the other two adults go out, makes sense and would make things easier, I think.
I think your assessment is correct. I couldn't imagine doing what I am doing now if we werent all invested in the family.

It would also be hard, and unfair for everyone involved, to bring anyone into this relationship who also didn't end up invested.

Its still tough with multiple invested co-parents.. heck our biggest issue is with the female female relationship. Kids (I don't know about in general, but the ones I know) require mommies. A lot. Especially newborns to toddlers. Its great having 2 couples, but one "mother" is almost always needed. Makes it tough for them to have alone time. And forget the "mommies" getting alone time. haha..

You just have to decide what you want and how you want it. Prioritize time based on actual NEEDs (not the kind most people make up that are wants). Kids, Mommy's and then relationships.
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