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Truth: Some do and some of us are pacifists whether you believe it or not.~ I'm not just speaking for myself here, there are people who have been in the military far longer than I have and some who still are in the military, who are all pacifists.~
lways far more to the picture than many can see at first.~

You sure this isn't simply people not understanding pacifism?.. honestly I had to look it up, because I was 100% sure you could not be one and be in the military. I had believed, until 2 minutes ago, that a pacifist military person was right up there with jumbo shrimp and atheist christian..

I was incorrect. Pacifism is a hugely wide spectrum including things I would have never considered pacifist. .. might require you offering up some re-education when calling yourself pacifist.

Stereotype: All military women eventually get taken "advantage" of.~
To be fair. Sexual assault in the military is borderline rampant. The stats are insanely high compared to civilian life. Considering how the world can paint in broad strokes, its no doubt that people make that stereotype.

Tough or not.. tough people get assaulted all the time. Being tough is irrelevant. Just ask any inmate in a federal prison.
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