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Default Horrific Story in the NY Times

Not just horrible in a very real, abusive way but, it is like the worst kind of exposure of polyamory possible

Some extracts of the article:

There were family outings at the beach, homemade pizza nights, a wintry day spent making a dreadlocked snowman evidence of a secret life in Queens that seemed happy, if unconventional.

Little by little their story unraveled. The husband and wife who bundled her battered body into a 2001 Chrysler Town and Country were no serendipitous passers-by; they had been living with Ms. Outerbridge in a polyamorous and, friends said, brutal and controlling relationship that, law enforcement officials contend, ended when the couple beat Ms. Outerbridge to death.

As frank as Ms. Outerbridge was about her three-way relationship, she tried to keep its brutal reality to herself, but that became increasingly difficult. She would return to her Harlem apartment with black eyes, a split lip, a small map of Texas on her cheek, like somebody took the cigarette and dragged it up her face, Ms. Irving said.

Last month, Ms. Outerbridge told another friend, Tasheka Neal, 31, that Mr. Wilkerson had broken her jaw. She suggested that the love triangle was lopsided she indicated to her friends that her true relationship was with the man, and that his wife simply capitulated to his will.

Full story here
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