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Hey thanks for your response. I'd hesitate to call it "love" at this point, thought there are definite strong feelings here. We're still kinda all getting to know each other well. My hubby is ok with polyamory, but is really uncertain it's for him. But he absolutely likes our new "boyfriend" (for lack of a better term). As for moving in with us? Def not happening - at least anytime soon. Our friend's job is an hour and a half from us - not to mention the hubby and I live directly acros the street from my hubby's parents and sister/family. Only one of our best friends knows what is going on here. I dunno, I still have this part of me that knows he is only 23 and may jet at some point. But I also know that my hubby and I met when he was 22 and I was 25, and this has been our only relationship, so it CAN work. Just a little confused I guess - but thank you for your help.
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