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So, Susan has not talked to me since late Tuesday. I did, thankfully, get one assurance that she is physically ok.

Yes, yes. I know that 36 hours is quite common for most of you, but it's not for us. Often there isn't much content. Just an emoticon text, or a brief message. But without some prior notification (like a plane trip, work, etc) we hardly ever go more than 3 hours without a note. Especially not when there's issues. I could count how many times it's been more than 12 hours on one hand in the last 30 months.

So she's in a bad place. I don't know if it's me. If it's her. If it's Daley. I'm at a complete loss.

It causes me anxiety when I don't know what to do. Do I let her know I'm thinking of her? Do I pretend like nothing's wrong and continue to send love notes? Do I acknowledge something's wrong and hope it works out? Do I offer to help? Do I let her go completely? How often?

She HATES to be needy. But she can be whether she wants to admit to it or not. When I have been out of the country, she says it's very hard. Of course that's when it's on my terms, not on hers. But she does rely on my support, especially in times like these. Still, things like that are always true, until they are not.

I hate this.
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