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Of course Cleo. Honesty first. Thank you. I maybe should have said, "can't easily tell her." That is the real crux of the situation because I'm not hiding anything from her but I would also like to be able to tell her all the details. It's exciting for me to make a friend and I want to share that excitement with the woman I love. I feel slighted because she also still flirts and meets people and confides in me about her experiences. She realizes that her feelings describe a double standard. I'm pretty sure it's taking her by surprise and she doesn't know what to do for feeling that way. Meanwhile, I don't want to add any pressure to the considerable amount that she already goes through. I'm frequently hesitant to "bother" her because I figure that she requires space to maintain her relationships with hubby and children. I don't pry into their relationships. I don't know when they have sex and she does not have to tell me if she's talking to an old boyfriend or meeting someone new. She usually does. I trust her and what I trust is that no matter what she does, she will come back to me because she has genuine deep feelings for me. She appears to not quite trust me like that yet and that's okay with me for now because she does trust me in other ways. What bothers me is that she doesn't recognize that R is not in any way a threat to how I feel about her. Maybe some other woman would be. But not R. Even if I slept with R, I love A. Today is our 3 month anniversary. We're at 17,500 messages in three months too. We're still going strong and this jealousy thing is only a minor bump well worth digging into because I seek a level of understanding that will empower A and I to persevere. Thanks for all the positive energy!
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