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Originally Posted by Vexxed View Post
I don't want to rock the boat. I've just gotten over a bout of insecurity. I don't feel like I should mention that I'd rather her not date anyone else because I don't want to share her "boyfriend time". I'm sure that the extra time will not come out of her husband's time with her.
Hey Vexxed,

Well - excuse the pun - it seems she's spreading herself a little thin
That fact that she is your only relationship is naturally aggravating the situation for you. But I suspect it's taking some toll on everyone else too whether they voice it or not.

How about you just express this thought to her in a general, non-confrontational way. That although love & caring is unlimited - time is NOT. And if she places any real value on other people's feelings she might want to think about whether she is spreading herself out too much and maybe shortchanging everyone else's needs.

Time IS one of those things you have to learn to balance and for some it will absolutely mean cutting back on some things just out of fairness.

Just a thought...........

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