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Originally Posted by twig View Post
One issue that arose (and we are still work through) is that interior walls are not usually well insulated. Being new to poly (and still not sure I am poly) it was highly stressful to hear S and K in the next room. Even laying alone trying to sleep while S was less than 15ft away gave me a fair bit of trouble. For many people this is probably a non-issue but it is a potential one that I haven't seen brought up yet. It is one thing to know your partner is out on a date in a mystical "out there". It is something else entirely to know your partner is with someone else a couple of rooms over. S, K and, I have all had to work on being conscious of how much noise we make in bed
Well - that's an interesting twist indeed.
Couple choices........

1> Earplugs or headset & music player
2> Grab your favorite toy, place yourself mentally in the picture and enjoy the experience !

We actually had that situation in our house for a short time. The sounds stirred the hormones of the uninvolved party. Sometimes it was too much to bear and she would come join us. It kind of broke the "mood" at first but after a few times we came to accept - and enjoy, it. If we really felt we needed that private moment we enjoyed trying to keep the noise down

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