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Originally Posted by dragonsong View Post
The irony is that I believe her long-range vision is solidly grounded. The issues are that her means of getting there can be hurtful to those that love her. And it seems stressful for her to have to maintain all of those half-truths. Her stories are like a stack of cards precariously placed on top of one another and much of her energy is spent on maintaining that structure. I am trying not to project my feelings onto her, but doesn't that seem like a lot of precious energy wasted on covering your butt?

On a side note, this personality trait has greatly supported her work life, .............
Yea - this is one of the dangerous games we play. It's unfortunate that particularly in the capitalistic model the default has become "tell them what they want to hear". All too true in politics, sales, most levels of management etc. There has been SOME focus on this over the years in an attempt to bring ethics and integrity back to our professional lives but with little success except it seems in isolate personal cases.

This does have to be a personal quest and has to be initiated by a self aware person that realizes the full set of ramifications that accompany building - as you say - this house of cards. They always, eventually, come tumbling down and impact not only ourselves, but everyone we touch.

It doesn't happen overnight, but it CAN happen. And the rewards are bountiful. But there is some sacrifice too and it can happen that we pay a price in our professional life.

My question I always asked myself.....
Which is my REAL life ? If it all comes tumbling down - what do I want to make sure I have a solid connection to ?

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