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Thanks for the articles Kevin. The Ted talk is a classic and the Labriola article is insightful. Very useful. Now if I could just integrate that info and let it work some magic. She keeps saying that it's not fair that she feels that way, that it's the pot calling the kettle black. Meanwhile, I still want to be friends with R. I don't know if it will ever go anywhere but I have to be free to make friends. I've known R now for more than two months and we haven't even held hands. Sure, she tilted her head that one day as if she expected me to kiss her and under her breath another day breathed out a compliment that made it clear that she finds me attractive. I like that. I'm even flattered. Still, I don't find her as attractive as A and I'm not planning to jump into anything simply because she's inviting. However, I was grocery shopping with my kids today and when we got to the cheese section I said, "Let's get extra cheese so we can invite R over for pizza." We did and then as we were leaving the supermarket, guess who pulled in? R. So I invited her over for pizza. It was pure synchronicity. So now, when I have the most innocent friendly get together, I can't tell A about it lest she be consumed over nothing again. She told me that she should give me space to pursue my other interests but I don't even really have other interests. R is a friend. Is it as hard for you guys to believe that as it is for A?
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