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Originally Posted by EpsilonLyr View Post
So gals and guys, let me kindly give my opinion. I know you are trying to help but I am sensing what might be construed as hostility in the comments. I think hersweetleaf could use some more compassion here than "you screwed up". We've all fallen for people who are maybe not the best for us. It is in getting to know them better that we discover this. Sometimes that discovery is painful.
This is very much on target, and very much what this forum desperately needs at the moment.

Many of the other recent comments in this thread fail on several levels...
There's some questions some of you better be asking yourself when posting in this area....
Is it true?
Is it Necessary?
Is it Kind?

If the answer to any of these is "No",....then you best give your post a sober second thought before posting.

And now as this community has bullied another from the forum, this thread is locked.
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