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Hi SparklePony,

I know some people feel that the human race is a deplorable species that doesn't deserve to exist, but I think humans are more of a mixture of good and bad, and that above all humans are very unique among all species. It says a lot just to note that humans decided they wanted to land on the Moon -- and succeeded. We could argue all day about whether that was a useful thing for humans to do, but it was certainly unique.

If you haven't read "Sex at Dawn: how we mate, why we stray, and what it means for modern relationships," by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá, I highly recommend it. I didn't agree with everything the authors said, but I agreed 75-90%, and liked how they mixed it up and forced me to think. Primarily they meant to challenge the assumption that humans have evolved to be monogamous, but as a bonus they also challenged a bunch of our sexual and non-sexual assumptions about ourselves. Just an interesting read.

Re: chimps and bonobo chimps ... like SchrodingersCat said and according to Sex at Dawn at least, humans are technically about equally related to both species. This would track when you consider that humans have a reputation for making both love *and* war.

Re (from Post #1):
"Rare but I'm pretty sure I remember the reverse exists, a one-female-multiple-male culture."
Yes I'm pretty certain of that. More than one in fact I think (although more one-male-multiple-female cultures exist that we know of). I'm thinking one in Tibet and one in India, for instance?

"Pretty much if there's a way to do relationships ... humans have tried it."

"Humans are Problem Solvers:"
Yes! This.

Re (from SchrodingersCat):
"If humans weren't inclined to work together, we never would have made it out of the caves."
Indeed ...

"It was the invention of governments and the desire of small groups of people to control large groups of people that began the process of war."
Probably. As George Orwell described in "1984," war is a "wonderful" tool for expanding the scope and power of governments.

Good thread ...
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