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Alas, things have changed dramatically since Vietnam. You guys put in Obama the same time we put in Harper. Harper is the Canadian George Bush. He's basically sold our environment to the oil companies, eliminated our protected waterways, and increased "hidden taxes" for the middle-class while decreasing taxes for the rich. He's cut funding to social programs across the board. He put us in deficit before 2008, having spent the entire surplus and then some that the previous gov't had built up. And have you heard about the senate scandal?

And sadly, far too many Canadians are biting his "Look what your government is doing for you" ads hook, line, and sinker. They're not only exaggerations, they're blatant lies, and people are too oblivious to see right through them. It's sickening.

While crime rates have fallen, the number of long-term prison inmates has increased (and in that order, not the other way around). At a time when the US gov't is starting to realize that locking people up doesn't prevent crime or help people, the CDN gov't is building new maximum security prisons.
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